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I will be uploading my fetish work here, please do not use this thread, but do so if you are an asshole i dont really mind….
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A test for a friend


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Promo Concept animation

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ITT: ways of extracting clips from videos and editing them.

Here's a screen capture showing how to use ffmpeg and Avidemux to cut and crop a clip from a video. I've sped the action up by a factor of 2 so it's easier to watch.

I start by using converting the video into a format I know Avidemux can read. This isn't always necessary (and, in fact, wasn't in this case), but I wanted to show it anyway. To avoid having to convert the whole video, I start by opening it and finding the approximate time of the clip I want.

Then I invoke ffmpeg at the command prompt to convert the video:

ffmpeg -ss 20:40 -i source.mp4 -t 20 -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v ffvhuff -an tmp1.mkv

To break this down:
> -ss 20:40
start at 20 minutes, 40 seconds
> -i source.mp4
input file is source.mp4
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[spoiler] asdsadasd [/spoiler]


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Are you tired of shitposting on your imageboard? Your messages do not ripen seriously? Or are you just thinking outside the box? Come to us! Here we are all like that.



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